Fuseki Made Easy to SGF converter

This is a tool that converts the problems in the software Fuseki Made Easy to SGF. This enables you to use them in your favourite problem solving program such as GoGrinder etc.

This tool was previously hosted at the GoDiscussions forum but seeing as a forum is not the best place to host software I have moved it here to SourceForge instead. For the original announcement, see this thread.


Make sure you have .NET framework 2.0 or higher installed in order to run the converter program.


  1. Download and extract the program
  2. Make sure you have Fuseki Made Easy installed.
  3. Create a folder where you want the converted SGFs
  4. Run the converter from the command line, giving it folder where the problems reside and the output folder as arguments. Note that you have to use quotes if your paths have spaces. E.g:
    fusekiconverter.exe "C:\Program Files\Fuseki CD\Fuseki CD" C:\temp\sgfs

This will convert the 502 problems to SGF format in three subfolders corresponding to it's difficulty.

Please use the forum on the Project page for questions etc